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Mile High Jeep Club in Central City, Colorado

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This great photo was shot August 14, 1965, and can be seen at the Denver Public Library Digital Collections.


2 Comments on “Mile High Jeep Club in Central City, Colorado

  1. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    Look at the driver in the front jeep, it looks like he’s got one hand on the steering wheel and he’s trying to light his cigarette with a lighter in his other hand.
    That reminds me of a story my father told me about one of his coworkers that happened years ago. One day while he was driving to work in his full-size pickup truck he was stopped at a light, when all of a sudden he felt a big bump that seemed to be coming from the back of his truck. He looked in his rear view mirror and didn’t see anything. He got out, went back and found a small sports car wedged under the bed of his truck. No skid marks, the guy never even touched his brakes, and he was severly injured. Know what he was trying to do while he was driving? Light his cigarette.
    I know my dad was trying to make a point, but if he were alive today I think he would be shocked to see all these people texting and calling on the cells while they were driving.
    Everybody – please be careful when you’re out there driving your jeep.

  2. deilers

    Texting, talking, smoking, drinking, eating, applying makeup, adjusting the ipod, looking up directions, trying to make the GPS work …. there are so many things to do while driving that it is a wonder we get anywhere safely!

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