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Gary Updates his CJ-5

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Gary forwarded these updates on his CJ-5.  See an earlier post about his jeep here.

“I first want to say the NP435 transmission was a challenge but it was worth the work. It shifts very well. I like the extra low first gear and reverse. In one of the pictures you can see the transmission cover with cup holders I made. I took and modified an electrical box and covered it with spray on bed liner then, I used the same boot that I had on my T90.

I decided to go back with stock manifold on my exhaust. Lawrence uses a good method instead of using a Y-pipe he uses a dual flow muffler with two inlets and one outlet. I am much happier with this. It puts all the fumes out the back and is a lot quieter. I will send you a picture of the build Lawrence is working on which shows this application. After looking at his, I took my Jeep to the same muffler shop and ordered a duplicate.

The master cylinder reservoir works nice as well, you can see it on the driver side in one of the pictures.

I added a detachable Reece brand tow bar, the brackets are on the front bumper.

I am finished working on it until cold weather comes again. I have some axles out of a parts Jeep that have 3.73 gears. That will be my next project.”

Below is the exhaust system Lawrence has installed on his jeep.



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