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Ice Skating in East Tawas, Mi

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Treb found this great old picture from East Tawas, Mi.  Great pic.  Kids, if you try this at home, don’t tell you parents you saw it here!


4 Comments on “Ice Skating in East Tawas, Mi

  1. Bob

    We used to do this on the back of my brother’s ’66 mustang…we called it “bumper skiing”

  2. Pete

    I remember doing this too.I grabbed the tail pipe of a car since there was no room on the bumper to hold on too.But I let go fast.

  3. Bob

    I remember leaving a frozen glove sticking to the back bumper once when I fell off. The trick was to wear slick cowboy type boots, lean into turns and make sure you did not hit any manhole covers!

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