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MB in a Swedish Marshland

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UPDATE:  It turns out this picture is from the book “Jeepen i Sverige”.  I discovered this connection on a thread at

Here are some more pictures from the “Jeepen i Sverige”: (looks like a very interesting book!)
Original Post 04/28/2012:
Buz discovered this image on FLICKR.  Despite looking like a ww2 photo, this was taken in 2008 by ‘Magnus’.  According to the caption, the Willys MB lies in a marshland in a forest, “it was dumped there on the ice during winter, in hope that it would sink in the summer.”  This is somewhere in Sweden.  It sure looks like there are salvageable parts on it.


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  1. deilers

    I believe this was saved. According to g503 and Emil Bruce, “The GPW was rescuered by a guy named Sture Hedström Skellefteå in the 1970 and he paid abaut 10$ for it! 😉
    But i do not know if it have been any restoration on it!??? The latest owner of the GPW, in the book was Lars Person Skellefteå Sweden.”

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