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Paul’s Jeep sees the Daylight (For a little while)

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Like a bear emerging from it’s cave after a long winer, Paul temporarily removed his custom M-38 from its Alaskan lair.

He writes, “The garage was opened and the Willys was pulled out into the early morning light today.  The poor Jeep was coated with sanding dust which I removed by blasting the body with high pressure air and followed that with a water rinse so you’ll notice the water droplets clinging to the sheet metal.  Anyway, with all the glass installed, the stainless wiper arms and blades mounted and most all of the major work done this project is looking pretty good to me.  I need to work on the frame welding up the extra holes, finish the radiator mount and double check everything before the frame gets sandblasted one more time before getting powder coated glossy black.

When my new sheet metal brake arrives I’ll finish remaking the fuel tanks, I wasn’t happy with the first set I built so I scrapped them and started over with a slightly different design.  Viewing the Willys outdoors from a distance is so different from the usual close up view in a packed garage I’ve become accustomed to and I get a better idea of what the finished Willys will look like.  I think this Jeep will cause people to stop and take a second look but that might be wishful thinking on my part.  Either way, I’m happy with the progress (I’ll admit I’ve taken much longer than I’d originally planned) and there’s more to do but I’m still a happy guy.

Over 4,000 hours of fabrication time to get to this point and still many more hours of work are necessary to complete this rebuild but I’m not tired.  I’ve learned a lot along the way and I’m reasonably pleased with my quality so far.”


6 Comments on “Paul’s Jeep sees the Daylight (For a little while)

  1. dj bill

    Yup, I will do a doubletake when I pass that jeep on teh highway for certain. Looks wonderfull, kinda like the all stainless Fords built in the heyday of old cars…

    What is the big box on the cowl for?? And is that a polished artic top from the military??

  2. Paul

    Hey DJ Bill, the original aluminum top and doors had lots of hidden damage so I hand formed a stock looking replacement from .050″ stainless steel with some interior improvements. Lots of work but most people won’t notice the stainless steel difference. Thanks for the kind words.



    I am new to site and going through most of the stuff, but this one I find very interesting.

    A job very well done indeed. I see aviation related items on your build.

    Any connection between the two?

    I ask as I am a Airplane Structures Engineer by trade and building a half scale scale CJ-2A (in sheet-metal) for fun and I like all things Jeep.


  4. Deilers


    You guessed right. Paul repairs planes. I’ll forward you his email addy later today. His everlasting build is as unique as he.

    – Dave

  5. Paul

    Howdy FLYINGFISH, Paul here. Tell Dave (when he has time) to give you my email address so we can talk. I have to warn you…I talk 350 words per minute with gusts up to 500 so be ready. That’s all…Paul

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