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Hesse Hornet Info Wanted

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The Hesse Hornet was an air compressor manufactured by the Hess Manufacturing Company in the late 1940s(?).  The compressor used a CJ-2A engine to run, but only pistons 1 & 4.  The middle two pistons were used to compress air.  Keith recently bought one of these and was going to part it out, but changed his mind and now wants to restore it.  However, there isn’t much online about it.  Below are the links we know about it so far.  If you know of any additional info, please add it to the comments.

Here is a link to Keith’s pics:


6 Comments on “Hesse Hornet Info Wanted

  1. dave franz

    I have some of one. i believe mine has a 3a industrial motor. looks like stainless valves in center pistons. Head is gone. any interest it’s for sale. dave

  2. Robert Davis

    I have one of these units, the Engine/compressor had had a fresh rebuild then set up for several years.
    I got it running fairly well (carb likely dried out), didn’t get the governor set exact, but that sucker can really pump some air and quick.
    I would like to sell it or at lease get the necessary components to convert it back to a working 4cyl engine.
    The 4cyl engine is worth more to me than the air compressor

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