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Mark Smith’s Jeep Museum in Georgetown, Ca

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I learned today that Mark Smith opened a museum a couple months back in Georgetown, Ca, at what I believe is the Jeep Jamboree Headquarters.  At this point, it isn’t so much a museum as a collection of some rare jeeps, but they are nice looking jeeps.  According to the Jamboree website, Mark organized the first Jeep Jamporee in 1954, traveling across the Sierra Nevada Mountains by way of the Rubicon Trail.  It sounds like he is still going strong!

You can view all of them here:


One comment on “Mark Smith’s Jeep Museum in Georgetown, Ca

  1. Keith

    That 2A was at Camp Jeep once. It’s very nice, but a color never offered on a 2A, and a 3A windshield obviously. That Koenig is crankshaft driven. I’ve got it’s twin.

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