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2012 Memorial Day Parade in Yakima, Wa …. Happy Memorial Day

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I hope everyone is enjoying Memorial Day Parade.  A big thanks to all the veterans out there and the ones that have passed.  I shall make sure to give my vet an extra kiss tomorrow, after all, sacrifices must be made 🙂 !

Thanks to Tony for forwarding these pictures of the Memorial Day Parade in Yakima, Wa.  Tony writes, ” The first M38 belongs to Randy Adams. The next 3 are mine and the M38 A1 aim driving.  I am taking it to Dawson Creek and will be doing the Trail of 42 w/converto trailer.”


3 Comments on “2012 Memorial Day Parade in Yakima, Wa …. Happy Memorial Day

  1. Mike

    Great pics, thanks for showing support for our Vets. One thing I did notice though the gentleman has fenders on his Converto trailer? I own a 1944 Converto and it has no fenders, does this make it not street legal in Washinton without them?

  2. Paul

    What’s with the rope on the front bumpers? Is the temperature so cold that the bumpers require Jane Fonda type leg warmers to keep warm? Is this some fashion statement? Will I have to wrap my Willys front bumper with stainless cable to achieve this popular look?

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