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Year? DJ-3A Middletown, OH **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2000

(05/02/2012) What is that tank on the back?  This looks very restorable.

“4 Cylinder, 3 speed on column, 2 wheel drive,
13 inch tires, real good body, new tires, new brake system,
runs and drives, still needs restoration work.”


3 Comments on “Year? DJ-3A Middletown, OH **SOLD**

  1. dj bill

    That has definite possibilities…With the small 13 inch tires and later speedometer,I would guess it is a 64 or thereabouts…I wonder if the seller has the rare hubcaps or the doors for this prize…..and the original filler neck is gone, too.

    Ugly enough to be cute if it were shiny……

  2. Colin

    I forwarded this to a buddy who lives in Cincinatti, maybe he will go look at it this weekend and get the serial number for us. I suspect it is a late 63 or 64. The original gas tank is probably gone and the redneck can is the new one!

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