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1942 GPW Phoenicia, NY eBay


UPDATE:  Now on eBay. I’ve seen this one in person.  It really is a unique jeep.

“For your consideration, a nice 1942 Ford GPW jeep. Body is in nice shape structurally, although someone built a quality homemade roof out of thick metal on the body. Unfortunately, they cut down the body sides and middle of rear on original tub to accommodate the doors. Looks very professional, maybe was done in the service? ..I was told by original owner that it was surplused out and bought in this exact condition.  I Have seen in books some similar conversions done in Europe after the war, to make the open jeep more comfortable…and useful. Would make a great reeinactors vehicle. Looks like a mini ambulance body. Rear floors and wheel wells are really nice shape. There is no rust in the back, looks like it had never been in the elements.
Floors are original, and very good except for a couple tin plates on the front, although there is original metal underneath.
Excellent original data plates, and dash, also windshield is very clean.
Frame is quite nice and is not rusted thru, just surface rust all over underneath. Needs a good sandblasting.   The front gussets are mostly there, and with some grinding, the welded on reinforcement material can be removed without damaging the original frame.
Non – original, but well running Cj2a engine. Original t84 transmission and rest of drivetrain. Springs are original “ford” type in good condition on all four corners.
4 very good shape combat wheels are on the jeep. Also has nice ford radiator, air cleaner and lots of ‘f’ marked bolts. Has 2 ‘F’ marked seats in the front (pass. not shown).
Looking for the title ….Sold as is, no warranty…please email questions.

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3 Comments on “1942 GPW Phoenicia, NY eBay

  1. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    In the very last picture I see a bolt and nut protruding through the body just behind the passenger seat. Dave, do you think this means the top is bolted on and can be removed?
    I’m certainly no expert on GPW’s but I really like this Jeep, the condition looks great.

  2. Merlin Hanson

    I have a battlefield photo taken late in the war of a Jeep with a metal body like this. Though the back door glass and the way it is rounded looks rather post war. Many officers had various little mom and pop companies make up special bodies and roofs for their Jeeps.

  3. Zack

    I think during WWII there were some special Ambulance Jeeps ( I guess some Jeeps were modified at some point during the war ) that looked like this, I wonder if this is one of them?

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