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Tennessee Flat Fender Club

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William, the President of the Tennessee Flat Fender Club, recently contacted me with some kind notes about my book.  I told him I had been planning to do a post about the club, so he provided me some information.

The Tennessee Flat Fender Club is an unofficial association with no dues, no rules, no mandatory meetings or rites of passage. You don’t even need to own a flat fender ‘jeep’ to call yourself a member. Only need to have an interest in these classic vehicles.
The Club is an affiliate of the International Flat Fender Club.  There is a club for most states and the ones where there isn’t a club they are looking for people to lead one.
You can learn more about the club at these websites:
If you are curious about William’s build, you can read all about it at the CJ-2A page.  The very first picture is an image of the engine sitting in the house next to an open tool box.  This picture underscores the support of Wiliam’s family; so, it only seems natural that his mother, wife, and grandmother should have their pictures taken in front of it (shown below).

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