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Pictures from the 2012 Willys Picnic

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Bill, from Lime Street Carriages, posted some pics of last weekend’s 2o12 Willys Picnic on his Face book page.  He wrote, “I think there were 76-77 Jeeps there this year and the weather was great (hot).  My group took 6 Jeeps up from Lancaster (68 mi each way) and next year we’ll have more!

46 VECJ-2A
46 CJ-2A unrestored
46 CJ-2A newly restored
54 CJ-3B
64 CJ-3B
85 CJ-8 Chase Jeep
We all made the whole trip without mechanical issues…. of course we also spent all day Saturday getting them all ready.  Generators, fuel lines, carb fixes, + painting a windshield on the yellow ’46.    We made it with the windshields down the whole way too….  looked pretty cool coming down the road!”
Here are a couple pics.  You can see all the pics on FaceBook:

5 Comments on “Pictures from the 2012 Willys Picnic

  1. Bill

    Great show this year with tons of Willys Jeeps. I think I heard 77…. maybe someone can confirm this.

    Also thanks to Seth and Bob…. who put lots of time in to organize this event which keeps getting better and better each year!


  2. windyhill

    Bill Thanks for making such a strong showing, It put a huge smile on my face to see you guys role in all at once!!!! The Show was huge success and an all time record for the Willy’s picnic with over 65 Willys and tons of venders! Looking forward to seeing you next year and Love hearing that your bringing even more next time! Really appreciate everyone that came out and made it such a fantastic show!

    Great picture, I like that you also managed to get my green dually 2A, orange 3B as well as my brothers tan 3A all in that fist shot as well! lol! Seth

  3. Bill

    Speaking of those dually adapters….. I’m still after a set or 2 if you come across any!


  4. deilers

    Bill, I’ll take a look. There was a reader who had them for sale a while ago. I run across them on occasion.

    – Dave

  5. Bill

    Thanks Dave!

    Seth, you made it in all of my Butler pics last year too since we were next to each other in the parade! Or maybe my camera just steers itself towards 3B’s….

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