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Updates Sunday Evening

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We are busy at the beach, so no updates until Sunday morning.

Here are a few pics from our trip to Seattle and then down to Seaside, Oregon.  Note that instead of writing something mushy or loveydovey in the sand, Ann took it upon herself to draw and photograph eWillys in the sand.  Why she was thinking of you all while spending time at the beach with me is beyond me . . .

Here we are taking a break from our hike on Chinook Pass (ok, we only hiked from the car to the sidewalk).

Here’s a nice shot with Mt. Rainier in the background.

I’ve heard of food trucks, but not food boats!  Ann had eaten here and said we had to stop.  The place is called Bowpickers and is located in Astoria, Oregon.  They do fish and chips and that is it.  Their fish is locally caught albacore tuna.  It was very very good.

Here’s Ann’s toes showing their creative side:

No, we aren’t married yet.  We happened to have Ann’s veil in the car, so we pulled a practical joke on her family . However, her Uncle Bob really is marrying us July 28th.


16 Comments on “Updates Sunday Evening

  1. Steve E.

    Congratulations, kids!

    She’s a keeper, Dave. (She has grown to like Jeeps. Oh, plus she has nice toes. lol.)

    Ann, do you really know what you’re getting into???

    Seriously, best wishes to a wonderful couple,
    **Steve E.**

  2. Brett

    Congratulations Dave!

    The wife, kids and I are heading up the nw Oregon here in 2 weeks for a vacation. Funny you should mention 2 places we are going to visit. We will be staying a couple days in Seaside and will be dropping by Bowpickers on a recommendation of a friend and now you..

  3. Craig B.

    A great gal that puts up with (or maybe enjoys???) your Willys addiction. It don’t get much better than that unless you two were married in a FC Jeep!



  4. dj bill

    Good on ya Dave….and Ann, too.

    Remember there is no cure for the jeep addiction, and you aren’t gonna change Dave after the wedding…..He’s hopelessly stuck like the rest of us. At least he has time to cook and travel too.

  5. Deilers

    Yep!, that is Lewis and Clark. Either the symbolism is we should venture forth into the unknown OR it means it is time to turn back, because there is a vast ocean of uncertainty! You should have seen the looks on people’s faces though … Lol.

  6. Colin

    Dave and Ann-

    Congratulations to you both! After meeting Ann at the FC Roundup, I can tell she is the right one for you, Dave. Willys fever is a definite sickness and she will be a good nurse for you! Not to cure you, just to make you feel better while living with the disease! HAHA!!

    Good Luck to you both!

  7. Colin

    Happened to think how neat it would be to get married in Craig’s Tour Jeep. Minister in the front, Dave and Ann in the first seat with bridesmaid and best man next to them, and the rest of the wedding party in the seats behind. How Cool would that be??

  8. Steve E.

    Colin, excellent comment about “nursing” Dave along during his lifelong Willys hospice. Yes, they seem to be a great match. She is further along understanding the Willys thing than most women. She’s very supportive, and I’m sure it’s a two way street.

    I was thinking more along the lines of them getting married in Moab, and the bride and groom driving off in Craig’s tour Jeep, leading the rest of the wedding party in the other two tour Jeeps, with a mile of assorted Willys following behind.

    Hey, let’s have a contest of how they should get married, then we can vote on it through E-Willys. O.K., we’ll let them plan it……..

    **Steve E.**

  9. deilers

    Nice to see so many romantics 🙂

    We had talked about getting married in Moab, but decided it made more financial sense to get married at home. The tour jeep would be a nice touch, too.

    There isn’t a whole lot of planning going into our ‘event’. We plan on a quick ceremony followed by spending time with our families.

  10. Craig B.

    Alright, I guess my retirement plans are all set now. I’m the former Mayor/Chairman of the Board of the Village that I used to live in. Does that qualify me as a Marriage Official? Move to Ouray, hang a shingle, and start performing duties. San Juan Scenic Jeep Weddings!!

  11. Paul

    While I still enjoy eating ice cream I’ll always remember (when I was a kid) my Mom telling me to hurry up and eat my ice cream before it got cold. Just another story from Alaska. Best wishes from the Goddess and Me and of course Ming the wonder parrot.

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