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Battery Service Jeep CJ-2A Ad

This ad was produced in 1947.  Was that big bumper part of a service package of some kind?  I’m surprised to see it appear in an ad.

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6 Comments on “Battery Service Jeep CJ-2A Ad

  1. Colin

    My guess is that it was part of the plow accessory option. Glenn has done a lot of research on those accessories and he would probably know best.

  2. Bob OB

    Wow, They really could have used photoshop back then. The car that Goober is about to put the battery in has been altered to disguise the make.

  3. Colin

    Like a lot of Willys ads from back in the 40s and early 50s, they used an artist to “pen” in some details, since photoshop wasn’t available. It isn’t difficult to see that the car looks suspiciously like a Ford product. Little turf war between Willys and Ford left over from WW II???

  4. mark in Indiana

    I think the big bumper was used to push cars. I remember a lot of service station trucks had that back in the 60’s and early 70’s.

  5. deilers

    I guess I will have to watch for the big bumpers. I’ve always dismissed them as user customizations.

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