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1952 Motor Trend Cover M-38A1 Dually

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UPDATE:  John pointed out that “Hickey” is Vic Hickey.  It turns out he was heavily involved in off road racing and four wheel drive vehicle and parts development. See the comments for some links.

I haven’t run across this issue of Motor Trend.  The M-38A1 is very interesting, especially spun as a sportsman vehicle.  Anyone know what a “Hickey enhanced Jeep is”?

“Within this issue you will discover the following topics:
1) Off-roading with a Hickey enhanced Jeep
2) Sportsman vehicles made by Coachcraft, Ltd & others
3) Pros & cons of the horsepower race
4) Jose Parada’s custom Buick
5) Testing the new Chrysler Saratoga
6) Testing the new Henry J Corsair
7) Testing the new Packard 300
8) Bob Bettencourt’s sweet custom ’49 Ford
9) Custom dash ideas
10) Testing the new Mercury
11) Checking out the Rover Turbine car
12) Admiring a ’37 Rolls Phantom III by Iskip & a ’30 Duesenberg Model J by Murphy
Plus many other items.

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2 Comments on “1952 Motor Trend Cover M-38A1 Dually

  1. John (m38)

    Yes, a guy named Vic Hickey did all of that and more in the 50s. Vic Hickey Aluminum head for the L-134, duel carbs (webers, I think but it was too successful so it went with a single carb of some sort don’t remember much more than that). Pretty cool, if you are not into the historical (WW2) accuracy. I find it an interesting aside. P.s. this copied off the g503 site if permitted, can’t verify the accuracy of it but sounds right to me.

  2. deilers

    Thanks for the info John. I found the reference you mentioned on the G503 site. This is a link to it.

    Now that I have the full name, it was much easier to unearth information. Vic Hickey is in the Off-Road Hall of Fame, having built offroad race vehicles. Steve McQueen bought and raced Hickey’s Baja Boot and James Garner raced the Banshee. In 1979 Vic took a contract with GM to create a High-Mobility Multi-Purpose Wheel Vehicle, which we now know as the Humvee. You can learn all about him here:

    As I’m interesting in aftermarket history Vic is definitely of interest to me. Here is a second link with more information and pics:

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