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1955? CJ-3B Salt Lake City, UT **SOLD**


UPDATE:  **SOLD** Was on eBay

(07/09/2012) This CJ-3B has an interesting history. The seller lists this as a 1953 CJ-3B, but the serial number suggests 1955. It looks pretty stock and in good shape, too.  I also has a rare pto lever in the cab that exits through the passenger side floor.  It controls a rare crankshaft powered PTO.

“This is a super rare US Government BLM issue 1953 Willys CJ3B. It is one of the most rust-free, high optioned, low mileage and untouched Jeeps you’ll ever find, one of few left in this condition with all the original paint! Only 33,900 miles, a true survivor!

Originally a US Government BLM vehicle. All the original BLM badges and stickers still remain. Government vehicles are given meticulous maintenance and this Jeep has had such a high maintenance standard. It was decommissioned in 1974 and has been in storage since then for almost 40 years. It was stored indoors in a dry building out of the weather, hence the astonishing preservation. The last time it was registered was in 1973 and still has the inspection sticker on the windshield. It was properly stored with all the fluids drained, the gas tank isn’t rusted and radiator is healthy. This Jeep has low mileage due to storage. The original hood isolation material that is mounted on the grille is still in decent shape.

This Jeep is virgin in every way. The paint is in amazing condition for 1953 and still has a nice glossy shine to it. It’s just about next to impossible to find a Willys this old with shinny original paint. All the original insignia stenciling (“4 wheel drive” and “Willys”) on the hood and tailgate are still intact.

You just can’t do this Jeep justice when it comes to originality and condition. It has been left alone in every way and hasn’t been cut up or had holes drilled in it everywhere. It still retains the original single tail light/ reflectors and the original spare tire oak block. The fuel pump, spark plug wires, radiator and gas tank are even original! The carburetor has never been rebuilt and runs perfectly.

Mechanically this Jeep is sound, again it only has 33,900 miles on it and it runs like a top. The engine has a lot power and oil pressure even after the engine has warmed up (see pic of gauges). The transmission shifts perfectly with no grinding and the 4 wheel drive works great. It also comes with correct brand new 7.00-15 tire that really captures that vintage look.

I have owned several Willys throughout the years and have never seen one this solid! For those who aren’t as familiar with Willys CJs, about 95% (if not more) have structural issues up the wazoo and this CJ doesn’t. The floor supports/hat channels usually have large rust holes or are rusted out so badly that they are missing in spots and can become severely cracked and broken up. This Jeep is beautiful with no cracking or rusted out floor supports and still has the majority of the original paint underneath the floors. It is 99% rust free. All of the floors are 100% rust free, the only rust on the jeep is on the passenger rear, about a 1″x2″ spot by the tailgate and from what I’ve seen this is very common and very minor considering. This Jeep has never been in an accident or had any body work performed, as mentioned before this it’s virgin with no bondo PERIOD!

This Jeep has all original gauges, switches, hardware etc. and all gauges and equipment work, quite the hard find! The jeep has all the original wiring harness with the factory woven cloth sheathing still intact in great condition, you’ll probably never find another Willys with this much originality. This is a high optioned Willys and was fitted from the factory with Koenig hardware, a Koenig winch and matching Koeng hard top. Other options include lock out hubs, bug guard (not mounted) and Harrison heater. This is a special Koenig winch and works wonderfully; it is unlike most, it runs off the crank shaft in front instead of off a PTO mounted on the transfercase. It has unique controls mounted on the passenger side floor. When I say this jeep is all original-untouched I mean it, it has not been taken apart or dismantled.”



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  1. Bryan Grube

    Thats in amazing condition. Not sure if government maintaince is all that great, maybe it’s because their equipiment doesn’t get used much. We had a land managment fire station near us at one point. The trucks were 30 years old at the time and in perfect condition. Because they were hardly ever used…

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