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Jeepocalypse @ Leno’s Garage

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UPDATE:  I must sheepishly admit that I should have known which US President drove a Scrambler.  President Reason drove a M-38A1, a CJ-6 and, according to ewillys, a Scrambler, too.  

Mark from forwarded this jeep quiz at Jay Leno’s website.  I came in 22nd place with my score, probably because I missed one.  I didn’t know which US President drove a Scrambler.  I also didn’t realize I was being timed on my speed, so read fast or repeat the quiz if you want to do better.

Also, there were no extra points for naming the vehicle on the pic below.  I suspect it was used to avoid paying Jeep/Chrysler any royalties.  I guess who needs a Jeep when you have a GAZ.

Give it a try!


2 Comments on “Jeepocalypse @ Leno’s Garage

  1. John

    Ronald Regan drove a CJ6 not a Scrambler, shame on you Jay Leno.


  2. deilers

    I knew Reagan had a CJ-6 and that was associated with a M-38a1, but I had forgotten about the scrambler until John made the note above. I was going to back up John’s note with some evidence, just to prove he hadn’t driven a scrambler. So, I did a ‘Reagan’ search on . . . of all sites . . . ewillys. Sure enough, here is Reagan in a Scrambler. Damn you Jay Leno, you were right!!!

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