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The King of Jeeps: Berg’s Truck and Parts Co., Inc

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UPDATE: Brochure sold on eBay.

I spotted this 1960 Catalog from Berg’s Truck and Parts Company tonight.  Hyman Berg, a Ukrainian by emigre,  was possibly the first distributor of Willys Parts (though I have no information that definitively backs this claim).  Mr. Berg founded the international truck and jeep parts company in the 1940s. In the 1950s, he founded Amsco Parts Co. Both were at 1608 S. Wabash, Chicago, Illinois.  Apparently, JC Whitneys was right down the street from Bergs for some period of time.  According to Berg’s grandson, the family was immersed in Marketing for decades, hence the decision by Hy to be known as the “King of Jeeps”.

In addition, as suggested by this G503 thread, Hy sold Sears Jeep parts and also sold Jeep parts to the Phillipines.  He bought some early prototype jeeps and housed them at this same location, which is where this photograph was taken.  There is more information about Berg here, too, from G503.

Hyman Berg died in 1986 at the age of 75.

The CJ-3B Page has a cover of a 1958 Catalog.


14 Comments on “The King of Jeeps: Berg’s Truck and Parts Co., Inc

  1. deilers

    Interesting. I’m not so sure what’s going on. Though the indents and the side mirror are on the passenger side, the steering wheel is still on the driver side.

  2. frankthecrank58

    let’s see……….1960. no computers , no photoshop , crappy photocopiers. guy putting together the catalog prints off a bunch of copies and notices the pic of the jeep is backwards. rubs out the outline of the steering wheel and puts it on the other side. hopes no one notices. hyman says run it. 52 years later and dexter notices. just a theory.

  3. deilers

    :-) … If anyone should notice, it is Dexter. He knows a thing or two about graphic design . . .

  4. deilers Post author

    Bill, I never got around to producing this design. Let me see what I can do about creating some now that our trip is over.

    – Dave

  5. Jay Berman

    Dave, you have no permission to reproduce my grandfathers copyrighted logo. Furthermore shame on you for referring to Hy Berg in chapter five of the book you mention as there is no reference to him in it. Keep it up and I will see you court. Jay Berman

  6. deilers Post author


    I appreciate your enthusiastic response and defense of your grandfather’s design. I also welcome anytime readers point out my errors, as they happen. That’s how we learn sometimes. I will happily entertain a letter from your lawyer clarifying the specifics of any legal overstepping I may have done. I have no intention on violating anyone’s copyright or trademark and, specifically regarding your inquiry, I printed no t-shirts.

    That aside, I did my research and found no current trademark or copyrights regarding “King of Jeeps” in either government database. Therefore, I, being a reasonable person most of the time, concluded that if I chose to reproduce the image, I could reproduce it without issue. As a reminder, in order for that copyright to still be valid, and being it was produced and published prior to 1978, it needed to be registered 28 years after it was first published. If it was appropriately re-registered, but wasn’t in the government’s database, I find it hard to understand how that is my fault.

    As for the reference to Hy Berg, if I made a mistake, I’m only to happy to admit it. I will revisit the reference and correct if need be. But, again, I feel no shame. My efforts are not self-aggrandizing, malicious, capricious, or any other flavor of -licious. I’m just a guy attempting to piece-together forgotten histories related to vintage jeeps. Some of the information I find is not always accurate and I do my best to wade through the murky waters of truth, but there’s no way I can get it all correct.

    Thanks for the comment,

    – Dave

  7. Alaska Paul

    The Goddess and I would like to order four of your famous King of Jeeps t shirts. We need two extra large and two large, please. We’re not picky about the color, let us know how much they cost and the cost of shipping to the Northland and we’ll get money headed your way. Thanks so much!

  8. Jay Berman

    If you took the time and the few dollars to read the book, as I did, about Pinchot, your “mistake” would of never happened. Just to post something for sake of it is borderline stupidity. The man, my grandfather, Hy Berg is dead. To reference him in Chapter 5, really, is the best you can do? Would want your family to think of you in the way you mention him? My mother, Hy’s daughter, is still alive. So is my father, the man in the catalog named Jordy Berman. You need to get a life. You want to play the trademark game, try it. If you want the history, as you say you do, I was there, I lived it. Go to the source. Jay

  9. frankthecrank58

    this is for jay. for your info, this is a public forum, where your comments are seen by many willys enthusiasts. dave has done, and continues to do, a great job at keeping this site informative and entertaining. although many of us have not met dave, we consider him a friend. having said that, I find your comments offensive, as I’m sure others do as well. if you have challenges in any way with what dave has said, then may I suggest a private e-mail addressed to him. if you’d taken the time to do some research, you would have seen his e-mail address. I’m just expressing an opinion. on a grammatical note…’s “would have”; not “would of”, as you incorrectly stated. I don’t capitalize my words on purpose. regards and have a pleasant day.

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