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The King of Jeeps: Berg’s Truck and Parts Co., Inc

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UPDATE:  After looking at this brochure, I decided I’m going to make a few t-shirts based on the design.  You can see it below.

I spotted this 1960 Catalog from Berg’s Truck and Parts Company tonight.  Hyman Berg, a Ukrainian by emigre,  was possibly the first distributor of Willys Parts (though I have no information that definitively backs this claim).  Mr. Berg founded the international truck and jeep parts company in the 1940s. In the 1950s, he founded Amsco Parts Co. Both were at 1608 S. Wabash, Chicago, Illinois.  Apparently, JC Whitneys was right down the street from Bergs for some period of time.  According to Berg’s grandson, the family was immersed in Marketing for decades, hence the decision by Hy to be known as the “Kind of Jeeps”.

In addition, as suggested by this G503 thread, Hy sold Sears Jeep parts and also sold Jeep parts to the Phillipines.  He bought some early prototype jeeps and housed them at this same location, which is where this photograph was taken.  There is more information about Berg here, too, from G503.

As a side note, there may be a connection between Berg and Rosamond Pinchot, for Chapter 5 in this book is titled ‘The King of Jeeps‘.

Hyman Berg died in 1986 at the age of 75.

This Catalog is from 1960 and is available on eBay.

The CJ-3B Page has a cover of a 1958 Catalog.

7 Comments on “The King of Jeeps: Berg’s Truck and Parts Co., Inc

  1. deilers

    Interesting. I’m not so sure what’s going on. Though the indents and the side mirror are on the passenger side, the steering wheel is still on the driver side.

  2. frankthecrank58

    let’s see……….1960. no computers , no photoshop , crappy photocopiers. guy putting together the catalog prints off a bunch of copies and notices the pic of the jeep is backwards. rubs out the outline of the steering wheel and puts it on the other side. hopes no one notices. hyman says run it. 52 years later and dexter notices. just a theory.

  3. deilers

    :-) … If anyone should notice, it is Dexter. He knows a thing or two about graphic design . . .

  4. deilers Post author

    Bill, I never got around to producing this design. Let me see what I can do about creating some now that our trip is over.

    - Dave

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