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1958 CJ-6 (?) Airplane Lavatory Jeep Photos on eBay

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Here are several photos of a Lavatory Jeep.  I wonder how many of these were made?  You can read more about this and other Aircraft Ground Support at the CJ-3B Page.

Here’s a link to this one:

Here’s another link:

View the information on eBay

View information about this photo here

And a view from the top


2 Comments on “1958 CJ-6 (?) Airplane Lavatory Jeep Photos on eBay

  1. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    “Bad news, my job at the airport is to suck all the human waste out of the airplane septic tanks after they land. Good news is, I get get to drive a modified CJ-6 Jeep!”
    Notice in the 4th picture that he has to stand directly under the trap door of the plane from where it all comes out. I guess he had to make sure that hose was securely connected before he started pumping…

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