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Just Married . . .

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It is 6pm Pacific Standard Time, which means Ann and I should be married by now.  As dedicated as I am, I’m not running to my computer to upload pictures of our brief ceremony.  So, these couple of shots will have to do.

Here’s a Willys MA all decked out:

Here’s a couple in the back of a WW2 jeep from Flickr:

And thanks to John for sending this picture 🙂


20 Comments on “Just Married . . .

  1. Zack

    Cool! congratulations! Now I know your using your Jeep like these pics right? I will one day! 😀

  2. Buz

    Congratulations and thanks for all the work you put into eWillys for giving us Jeep nuts a place to hang out !

  3. Jesse Ybarra

    I have been offline (new computer again), for a while, this is great I create my favorite lists and I open your website to read that you and Ann are now Married.
    Being off the computer for a while did allow me to make time, to finally finish reading the Finding Virginia book. Well done, the book was good.
    Most Excellent is that you and Ann got married.
    Jesse Ybarra

  4. Craig B.

    And they lived happily ever after………

    Now this is how it is supposed to be!!!! It’s so great to hear you to are “Livin’ the dream!” Congrats and here’s to a long Jeep filled road that you two will follow through the rest of your lives!

  5. Colin

    Dave and Anne-

    I join my friends Jesse and Craig in wishing you both my hearty congratulations on your marriage! May you have a long and prosperous life together, driving off into the mountains in a Jeep, or touring the country finding neat stuff and more old Jeeps, and getting a chance to visit with old friends in Arizona and Missouri and wherever Jeep nuts are found!

  6. Gerald

    Wow bet you didn’t think this is where you would be a couple years ago. Sounds like you found a friend and now a wife.

    Who knows where this will take you?

    Best Wishes Ann and Dave.

  7. Steve E.

    Marriage is like a Jeep ride. There will be lots of bumps in the road, and a few breakdowns. It’s the trust, faith, and patience that you have for each other that helps you first find the problem, then fix it. Then you’re off on you merry way down the happy trail again. I wish you both, Dave and Ann, a long and happy marriage.

  8. Bob

    Congratulations Dave and Ann…Bob and Mindy. You should celebrate with another cross country road trip!

  9. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    Belated Congrats!!! Now how long do you think it will be before your parents ask for new grandchildren?

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