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1954 Kaiser Willys Signage Rules

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This document outlined the signage rules for Kaiser Willys Parts and Service Departments.  Unfortunately only part of it is shown on eBay.

“Original dealer part color sales sheet , 8.5 x 14 , also factory letter describing this sheet . Shows two different Kaiser Willy Outdoor Service Signs .”

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2 Comments on “1954 Kaiser Willys Signage Rules

  1. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    Does anybody else but me think how odd this is, that the dealers had to BUY these decals for $1.25 each, that they just weren’t given to them? I wonder how many said ‘to hell with this’ and didn’t buy any…

  2. mmdeilers Post author

    I’m not too surprised that KW would force them to buy the decals (which may or may not have been priced at KW’s cost). It would have been important for KW to maintain a consistent brand and it would make sense that KW would be in charge of producing the decals for dealers, To pay for the decals either KW would have buried the cost of these stickers in some type of advertising fee charged to the dealers or be more transparent and show the costs/per sticker. It seems these chose the latter.

    But, your question brings up a question I’d like answered: What were the costs of running a dealership under W/O and K/W? Was it just an initial payment, or was there a payment and royalties and advertising costs? The answer is part of a project I’m working on . . .

    – Dave

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