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Unusual CJ-2A Windshield

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Bill spotted this unusual CJ-2A windshield the other day.  He noted the welds look professional and as stock as other windshields he’s seen.  Anyone seen anything like this one?

He writes, “It didn’t appear homemade and I didn’t see any welds or cuts that don’t look factory. I did roll it back and looked at the sheet metal on the front – it was neatly rolled and spot welded – very factory-like.”


2 Comments on “Unusual CJ-2A Windshield

  1. Blaine

    The glass looks like a early Dodge/Plymouth wagon rear window. This seems like a repeat from a previous post,

  2. deilers

    Thanks Blaine. I’ll check it out past posts and see if I can find it.

    I hope you too made it back safely!

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