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Delivery of FC-150 in South Dakota

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David sent this image showing the delivery of the first FC-150 to South Dakota.  He was wondering if anyone recognized the dealership?


4 Comments on “Delivery of FC-150 in South Dakota

  1. Craig B.

    I’ve often thought I had owned that FC before. I’ve bought 4 from South Dakota including a cute little ’57 FC-150 that still had that dealership’s emblem afixed to the grille area. Alas, I sold it to a guy from southwest Missouri and he still has it. Quite the capable little truck. Two years ago he drove it from Springfield Missouri all the way to Wolf Creek Pass and back home only fitted with a Warn Overdrive. Mark one thing off his bucket list!!!

  2. Dave

    Information gleaned from the internet:
    Selway Grocery was located at 408 Main Street
    Davis Motors & Aviation was located at 130 Sherman Street

  3. Craig B.

    Hey, you callin’ CW McCall a liar??? Wolf Creek Pass is actually on Hwy. 160 heading west towards Pagosa Springs. Not sure if Cliff had CW playing in his 8-track player but he does have pictures from the 2000 mile journey with his 5.38 geared NARROW-TRACK FC-150!!! What an adventure that had to have been!

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