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Friday at the 2012 Bantam Festival

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Gerald forwarded some pics from Friday at the Bantam Festival.

Gerald wrote, “Well we got things started this year. I worked on setting up a Jeeps Thru The Decades display.  one of each Jeep model.  My 3B and brothers M-38 in in the group.  Here are a couple shots from the grounds.  The Underground Jeep guys have brought all their stuff.  Boy they are nice and the Jeep Invasion on Main street was this evening.  It was a show not a parade.”

Here’s Gerald  with his kids in front of a wagon.  He wants to get one someday.

Here’s the crowd in town:

Here’s the area Gerald was helping with:

Gerald got some closeups of the Concepts:


5 Comments on “Friday at the 2012 Bantam Festival

  1. mark in Indiana

    The concepts that Jeep has out this year look great! They are the vehicles that would tempt me to go into a show room. My opinion: Most concepts, like most cars built after 1972 are about as interesting as eating utensils.

  2. Mike Finegan

    Just looking at the old, restored Cracker Box wagon, it looks to be sitting on a modern drive train; take a look at the wheels and the lack of hubs.

  3. scramboleer

    Mike’s right. Isn’t that wagon the one that the Mopar Underground built on a TJ Unlimited chassis? Love it.

  4. deilers

    It appears the wagon is shown again in pic 5. You can just see the front of it behind the red concept truck. It’s sure looks well built.

  5. Gerald

    The guys at the Underground told me the Utility wagon was in storage for 30 years because of Legal Issues. It was incredible. Yes the drive train was new. They did a great job on it. The guys from the Underground we digging the show. Isn’t it cool they are using all the old Willys styling for these rides.

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