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Saturday at the Bantam Festival

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Mark, Bob, and Sebastian all reported that Saturday’s weather wasn’t the best, with either rain or threats of rain.  Still, there was plenty of to do and many jeeps to photograph.  The most photographed vehicle seems to be the Concept FC.  There are many fans of that rig.

Mark has posted some photos at JeepTruck’s Facebook Page:

Here are some pics from Bob:

See more pics via the link below

Bob really liked Bill’s barn find.  I do too.

Here are some pics from Sebastian.  I’m sure he’ll be posting more at his website:

Here’s Sebastian with his CJ-3B.

And a couple more:


3 Comments on “Saturday at the Bantam Festival

  1. Bill

    Hey Dave,

    I did receive many compliments on this ’46 2A…. it really was a good score. I enjoy talking to people who appreciate its originality. Just wait till you see it with its ‘new’ original/correct 1946 factory painted orange wheels (coming soon!)

    and I will say that mighty FC had me distracted all weekend……!!


  2. Bob

    That FC was very cool as a concept. I looked under it and in the bed and there really is no bed at all. It’s all taken up by suspension and the spare tire. It is pretty cool looking. I really liked the red gladiator.

  3. Bill

    Bob, I noticed that too. The J12 was way more practical… but that FC is amazing. The portal axles are really neat too… I would love a set of those on a new JK. Some day maybe.


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