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Lots of Images from Sunday @ the Bantam Fest

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Both Gerald and Bob sent us pictures Sunday from Bantam Fest.  I’ve made a few comments on them, but it’s late, so most are without comments.

Here is one they sent one of them together (Gerald on the left and Bob on the right) holding a picture of Lost Biscuit.  Looks like Bob is wearing one of Roberto’s T-shirts.

Below is Lee Bortmas,  the Bantam historian in Butler standing next to a BRC-40.

Rick Pewe  is Editor-in-Chief of Petersen’s Four wheel & Off-Road Magazine and a recent inductee into the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame.  Gerald reports Rick is on a trip from Arizona to Butler to Nova Scotia and back.

Click below to see more pics


16 Comments on “Lots of Images from Sunday @ the Bantam Fest

  1. Roberto Flores

    Ouuuuuccccchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! I´m touched!!! What a bunch of fantastic pictures! You can´t imagine what the first one suppose to me! I´m glad, happy and touched!
    And then…keep´em rolling!!!!

  2. Bob

    Great shirt Roberto, lots of people wondered where I got it! The problem is it seems to add 20 lbs to my frame! There was a lots of cool stuff there. I picked up a few goodies but mostly liked to look at the jeeps. I handed out lots of flyers for my sept. show too. It was great talking to Gerald and crew. Inside that same barn there were some very nice original cj5,7, and a nice 8. Seeing those jeeps in the mud and rocks makes me want to have a beater jeep too!

  3. Buz

    In the background of the photo of the CJ3B is that blue oddball prototype? Ford jeep that was on eBay, anybody have any more info on just what exactly it is?

  4. Bob

    That ford thing belongs to my buddy. He bought it from the guy in utah and had it shipped out. It’s pretty cool. I gotta run now but I’ll post more about it later

  5. Tyler Kemp

    Great pictures guys! My dads Jeep is the White CJ10 doing the tire walk on my Red TJ. The 4dr Black JK next to it is my brothers and my other brother had his Lifted Commander on the other side.

  6. Bob

    The ford thing is built on a 1946 ford car frame, the front suspension is correct for a ’46 ford. The frame had been shortened. Someone added a 250 ford 6 to it, plus the rear differential out of a falcon or something. You can clearly see where the 46 ford rear suspension and flathead v8 and column shift three speed were once in the cr. He is going to put it back to that configuration. The body is pretty much a one piece deal, with very few welds. We found some welds down in the running board area and just behind the doors in the side of the body. The grille for all the world is a stamped, one piece thing. I figured when we looked behind it we’d see lots of welds, but that is not the case at all. My buddy bought a lot of parts off a guy parting a 46 ford, so he has another front and rear suspension, steering and other goodies to work with.

  7. Bob

    BTW, the story on that little hotrod jeep is that is was a pink surrey at some point in it’s life. It had a 4.3 v6 and a turbo 350 in it. Very well done conversion…does break my heart to see this done to a surrey, but the current owner is not to blame. It really is very well done.

  8. Roberto Flores


    I would like to ask your permission to employ the shot in which you apperas wearing the CJ3B t-shirt at my website, blogs, facebook, etc.

    Thanks a lot for your attention,

  9. mmdeilers Post author

    Hi Roberto,

    That’s photo is from Gerald if I’m not mistaken. Not to speak out of turn, but I don’t think either would mind if I sent you the photo. They’ve always wanted to be famous in Europe 🙂

    – Dave

  10. Roberto Flores

    Thanks a lot for your answer, Dave! Do you know his name? I would like to publish it too. I think the correct way would be to give him all the credits. And you, too!

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