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“Finding Virginia” Reaches Norway

Yes, the readers of “Finding Virginia” now span from the Northern reaches of Norway, thanks to Even, and to the Southern region of South Africa, thanks to Claus.  There are even a few books at points in between the two!

Even wrote to tell me he was sharing his copy of my book with a friend of his named Reider Haugen.  He added, “Reidar is among many Jeepers in Norway that keep himself updated with Ewillys every day  He is also one of the members of Flatfender Fellows here in Norway. I brought my sample of “Finding Virginia” for him to have a look as you see from the picture.

Reidar is almost done with his very nice Willys Utility Delivery with a GM engine and some Scout parts underneath.  This is going to be a nice daily driver next to his Willys Pickup Truck sporting a Volvo engine. Remember we are close to the Swedes . . .

In the middle you can see my Jeep Cj-7 Golden Eagle that I have owned for excactly 24 years today. 

Now you know how far your book has spread around the world! We both wanted to thank you for the best webpage ever for us Jeep-enthusiasts

Thanks guys, I love the picture!


3 Comments on ““Finding Virginia” Reaches Norway

  1. Jim

    Just a heads up I just finished reading your book. As I found it on available for my kindle. I have passed it to the wife to read. Great job especially since I can draw so many parallels about our Jeep/Willys love and my wife has even commented that it sounds like your writing about my dad when you reference yours.

  2. deilers

    That’s great to hear Jim. I’m glad you enjoyed the book and hope your wife does, too!

    – Dave

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