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Jeepster Art Prints on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Artists/Drawings, Features, Jeepster

These might be interesting to Jeepster Memorabilia Collectors.

“These are 7 original artwork prints from Willys-Overland. Prints depict a Carburetor (painted with overlay, not dated, 24×14), Fuel pump (painted with overlay, dated 9-22-49, 19×16), Oiling system (painted with overlay, dated 12-2-52, 20×17), Fuel system (painted with overlay, Dated 45-50, 23×12), Exhaust system (paintd with overlay, dated 12-5-51, 22×14) Exhaust system (painted, no date, 15×13) Brake system (painted with overlay, 11-17-49, 28×19). These were created for use in the production of factory parts manuals. Worn and aged but good display items.”

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