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Wooden Flatfender Models, Pictures and Website on eBay

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UPDATE:  This is back on eBay.  A couple new pictures were add, too.

When I first noticed this ebay ad, I was confused about it.  It took me some digging to understand that this family out of Entlebuch, Switzerland, once sold jeeps.  Then, some members turned to making toy jeeps.  Apparently, there are about 50 toys left?   They have listed the toys, the website, and photos for sale if I understand correctly.

Here’s the eBay auction

According to the seller, “Shortly after the war (1945) Family Enzmann imported 60 Jeeps to Entlebuch, where they were rebuilt and sold to the farmers as commercial vehicles. At the weekends my father together with his classmates from university, drove the vehicles from Geneva to Schüpfheim. ( Which always turned into a big party afterwards.) My grandfather organised special events on which the Jeeps were presented to all customers.

Besides the garage my grandfather also owned a cinema and a hotel and he liked to advertise his garage and Jeeps in between the films. After a while the Jeeps were also sold with a closed driver’s cabins due to the very hard winters in Entlebuch.

The images below are from the website that is part of the auction:

And a couple images of the toys:

View Rob’s Jeep website here



7 Comments on “Wooden Flatfender Models, Pictures and Website on eBay

  1. Matt

    That’s a very unique story. I don’t know about anybody else, but when I see old photos of pristine flat fenders it about sends shivers down my spine. If I only had a time machine and a bunch of old money….

  2. Buz

    I agree with Matt, if we only could lay our hands on a flux capacitor we’d have some nice jeeps.

  3. deilers

    I didn’t notice the suicide doors. I haven’t seen that either.

    John lives in Switzerland and hopes to have a change to speak with the family. Hopefully we’ll get some additional information.

  4. Buz

    Those hardtop Jeeps must be what Bergs used for their catalog, notice the backout light on the right fender and the RHD steering wheels……………………..Must be a flopped photo.

  5. deilers

    aha .. yep, I’ll flip that photo around. The jeeps in the other photos are all left handed.

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