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Paul gets some early shots of Crazy Ralphie’s GPA

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UPDATE:  I’m reposting this February 2010 post in honor of the SEEP that appears in my next book.  Ann and I spent Wednesday on a journey to review some of the places I will mention in the book.  I’ll report on our research tomorrow.

Apparently, Paul cornered Ralphie in his garage today and refused to leave until he got some pics for us.  Ralphie’s GPA is well on its way to being a great looking rebuild.  Thanks to Paul and Ralphie!

Paul writes, “Crazy Ralphie’s garage suffers from the usual garage problems, no matter how big your garage is it still isn’t big enough to hold all the tools and projects you want to stuff inside so the work area becomes a bit cramped.  I’ll be able to get better pictures this summer when things can be moved outside but for now these pictures will have to due.  The poor little GPA is sandwiched next to the chassis of a 1934 Ford four door sedan which is tight against a 1956 Caddy convertible undergoing restoration and every flat surface becomes a parts storage shelf until the pile becomes a pyramid towering towards the ceiling.

Crazy Ralphie is in the background of a couple of photos working on the body of the 34 Ford but he’s locating missing parts and doing some work on the GPA in the meantime.

The UPS guy just delivered my new Buick 225 V 6 radiator and I didn’t anticipate it’s arrival until the end of the month so it looks like I’ll have something to work on tomorrow what with building a mount and fabricating brace rod/hood prop combinations.  I got my taxes done and Uncle owes me money, it just doesn’t seem right to put that money into a savings account when I could buy Jeep parts instead so I was on the phone ordering and the tax return has been killed.”


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