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Jeep Junkyard in Djibouti

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It sure looks like there are some parts worth saving.  This was taken in The Republic of Djibouti, Africa, and posted on Flickr.  After some searching, I discovered these are probably Hotchkiss (see m201 website).


7 Comments on “Jeep Junkyard in Djibouti

  1. Justin

    Is it sad to say that I would do anything to have my backyard look like this?? Wait, i meant to say it WILL look like this someday! 😉

  2. MickaelUSA

    Hello, I was in the French Navy located in Djibouti. Most of the French Jeeps have been mixed with WWII Willys or Ford jeeps. There is probably a lot of original parts … but I am not sure if the trip worth it unless you plan to spend some time there to discover this very interesting country.

  3. mmdeilers Post author

    Hi Mickael,

    Thanks for the update. Seeing that must have been very interesting! I’m sure it wouldn’t be worth the money for the trip, but the experience would be priceless 🙂

    – Dave

  4. Buz

    I wonder when this photo was taken. I do remember seeing lots of similar French Army jeep parts at Sarafan’s in the mid 1980’s, maybe these were sold to them way back then? They might be amoung us and we don’t even know it !

  5. imran baig

    hello thx for information dear I need body parts willys jeeps model 1942 to 1950 and also need crown wheel pinion near about 100 set if you have these plz tell me i am waiting for your reply and if any body have these crwon pinion contact me teeth 39/8 bye

  6. preecha kaewthong

    I live to know your city ilive to saw jeep part before order ihave jeep shop in thailand pls sent back email
    To me
    thank you

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