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1961 Wagon Parkway Conversion Sunriver, OR **SOLD**

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UPDATE:  **SOLD** Was $5000.

Dan notes that Paul Berry checked this out personally and feels it is a special order of a regular wagon with barn doors

(03/21/2012) It appear solid.

“I originally bought this Jeep because it is the style I always wanted, 4WD with windows and delivery doors. I wanted something cool and fun to drive around. This Willys starts, runs and drives really well,everything works. It is 50 years old and has some rust under the doors. The paint job is fair, glass is all good. It could be a good driver or solid restoration. I have an overdrive kit for it and replaced the rear main and front axle seals in 2011.”


13 Comments on “1961 Wagon Parkway Conversion Sunriver, OR **SOLD**

  1. scramboleer

    The price is dropping – down from $7K a few months back. Maybe a road trip is in order to check it out.

  2. Robin S

    I am by no means an expert but this doesn’t look like the Parkway Conversions that are familiar to me. The rear wheel wells are squared instead of rounded and the windows are recessed and slide, just like a regular wagon. I have a similar model and when I questioned what it was on an earlier post here, Wayne D. said it was a Super Window Delivery introduced in 1955. If you go to my Flickr site
    I have pictures of my Parkway and my Super Window Delivery.

  3. deilers

    In the first pic, this almost appears to have the same split windows as yours Robin.

    One of my side projects is an ‘idenitfy’ tab for the iPhone app. So, when people are out looking at vehicles, they can consult the app (even offline). I probably won’t have wagons added just yet though. I need some help assembling all the different, rare wagons. However, I probably will need some help with the minor flavor variations of the truck and wagon.

  4. Robin S

    Good luck Dave,

    That will be a daunting task since I’m sure Jeep was willing to do whatever mods requested for a large enough order.

  5. Buz

    Well Dave there’s the idea for your next book, there is a definite need for a Willys Truck and Wagon ID and Buyers Guide.

  6. Richard 'Doc' Rockwell

    There’s my old girl! I was the prior owner of this wagon in Trinity County, CA. She took a first place in our local car show in her class and took Dad and me steelhead fishing down the Trinity River. I bought her from a guy out of Paso Robles, CA, that used her for surfing and even ran her on the Rubicon trail. Was a Nevada rig that he brought into CA. Sold her because I couldn’t bring myself to offroad and deer hunt in this rugged, steep terrain with what turned out to be a special order wagon.

  7. scramboleer

    Hey Doc,

    I grew up in Eureka and spent a lot of time camping and backpacking and exploring the woods of Trinity County. Where abouts were you and this special wagon?

  8. Richard 'Doc' Rockwell

    West of Weaverville along the river, Scramboleer. Because of this wagon, I became a member of West Coast Willys while owning it. In my ignorance, I initially thought I’d bought a Traveler model due to the panel doors and rear side windows. But it doesn’t have the flat rear wheel wells for the rear side benches, the rear sliding windows, or the roof tire rack indicative of a Traveler model. Instead, it has floor slots for a normal rear bench seat and an inside spare holder. After researching the serial numbers and determining that the original paint (under subsequent red and yellow layers) was Willys’ Transport Yellow (from the original paint chip sheet I let go with this rig), we theorized that this wagon was likely a special order model, perhaps for school or other transport. It gas the original Superhurricane inline six in it and was a real pleasure to drive

  9. Richard 'Doc' Rockwell

    Oh yeah… And the owner before me mounted an old brass Coca Cola bottle opener on the passenger-side front quarter panel in front of the door. A stylish, handy tool for every good fishin’ trip! ;-). Good memories, from towing her with my folks through Carmel and Monterey to taking her for drives and having kids wave to fishing with Dad. This rig has seen the Rubicon, surfing the central coast, and flyfishing steelhead on the Trinity – all the while creating great memories. She deserves a great home and owner! 🙂

  10. Richard 'Doc' Rockwell

    CORRECTION – She does have the sliding rear, side windows. Just not the other two Traveler features mentioned. I recall buying replacement button locks for the two sliders on E-Bay for her. She also has a nifty red and yellow Willys logo stitched into the black front drivers seat and an eight-ball shift handle! Fun ride!

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