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Kodachrome Slide of Little Girl in Front of CJ-3A on eBay

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Here’s a great old Kodachrome slide of a little girl with a jeep behind her.

“Original 1949 Kodak Red 35mm Kodachrome slide.”

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5 Comments on “Kodachrome Slide of Little Girl in Front of CJ-3A on eBay

  1. mmdeilers Post author

    I wondered if someone recognized that airport. I was going to ask about that, but forgot.

  2. Brendan T. Burke

    I bought this slide actually. The seller provided this info, “The only info I have is that the little girl is named Bess and she lives somewhere in New Jersey. Her mother and father were avid travlers but from the slides Bess didn’t always make the trips. The slide is from 1949 and Bess looks around 5 so I would guess she was born around 1944 she has one younger sister names Susie.”
    And the back of the slide does read Nantucket Airport July ’49… Good ID, Bob

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