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Constabulary Jeep at Fort Knox Museum

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Not too surprisingly, the General George S. Patton Museum, at Fort Knox, Kentucky, has a few jeeps.  I read that the museum was supposed to be relocated to Fort Benning, GA, but I don’t know if that happened or not yet.

The two jeeps below are supposed to be part of the museum.  If there are others, I didn’t run across any photos.

One unusual model at the museum is a Constabulary Jeep, which was part of the Constabulary Force in Europe following World War 2.  You can read more about this Force here.

This picture was taken by Patrick Keenan and posted at, where there are several more photos from different angles.

The museum also has his Division Commander (Major General) jeep.  You view more pictures from the site as well.


One comment on “Constabulary Jeep at Fort Knox Museum

  1. Tim

    All the armor has moved from the Patton Museum, I was sparse when I visited earlier this year. Patton’s jeep was there and his items.

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