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Life Magazine Issue About Yakima Ridge Running

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay

The May 1951 Issueof Life Magazine that has the Yakima Ridge Runners driving through the Yakima Valley is now on eBay.  The Yakima RidgeRunners had a website for years, but it seems that it has been taken down.  Below is an image from the Life Magazine article.



One comment on “Life Magazine Issue About Yakima Ridge Running

  1. STEVE

    I bought an overdrive from a nice gentlemen in Yakima this past summer. He was telling me that their club used to rent some land from the indian tribes for camping and wheeling. This stopped a few years back for political correctness but he said they were trying to find some more land and reactiviate the club.

    Didn’t know the area history or I would have asked more questions.

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