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Ten Million Page Views!

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Yep, I’ve pulled out some confetti to celebrate the ten millionth page view, which occurred at approximately 11:50PM September 14th PST.  To give a little context, every time a web page on eWillys is viewed, my webhost software records it.  The count began January of 2008.  It has taken over 4 1/2 years to reach ten million, with most of that coming in the last two years.  I’ve been watching the numbers closely over the last few months, waiting for the final day to arrive.

Ok, that’s enough celebrating.  The next milestone should be hit sometime around Halloween when I put up the 20,000th post.


12 Comments on “Ten Million Page Views!

  1. frankthecrank58

    CONGRATS!!!!! lots of work that is very much appreciated by people like me who view daily. your site is great. thanks. i am now terminal with the willys affliction.

  2. Justin

    Your website is absolutely awesome! You deserve the congratulations on a job well done. This site is a daily check for me. Thank you for all the hard work and researching that goes into this!!

  3. mark

    I bought a 48 FrankenJeepster 3 years ago and THEN found E-willys. Dave has been incredibly helpful and gracious on all kinds of subjects. Thanks and Happy hUNTING

  4. mom

    I am amazed at the success of your site and it is gratifying to know so many people appreciate your efforts. Of course, you would be nothing without me, your favorite mother.

  5. Joseph

    Your site is awsome and I have told lots of friends and people I have met out an about this is the best site ever for flat fenders and other jeeps. Thank you

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