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2 1948 AL-Toy Jeepsters on eBay

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One is priced at $3000.  The other is priced at $3500. Neither is flawless. Both are aluminum cast AL-Toys for Willys Overland Execs and Dealers.

A) View the information on the $3000 AL-Toy Jeepster

B) View the information on the $3499 Al-Toy Jeepster


8 Comments on “2 1948 AL-Toy Jeepsters on eBay

  1. Glennstin

    “GOOD CONDITION AND PROBABLY HAVE VERY FEW BETTER THAN THIS SAMPLE” About the only thing correct is that very few exist. Yes, good examples are seldom found. Go to The CJ3B Page Toy Jeep section to see an excellent example. Both of these have good cast, but to totally refinish one is a long process. Replacement parts are almost nonexistant. The price is nothing short of humorous. I have 5 Al-Toy Jeepsters in my collection, a result of 35 years scrounging, and never expect to attain such prices.

  2. Colin

    This $3000 Jeepster was for sale on eBay last week with a $4500 price tag on it. It did not sell and this is a relisting. The Jeepster is not in very good shape for what the seller wants for it. It is missing both vent windows, has a broken right front bumper, no rear bumper, paint that shows some wear. The $3499 Jeepster has wheels from a Tonka Jeep, no rear bumper, poor paint, missing its steering wheel and what appears to be a poorly reproduced front bumper. Both of these Al-Toy Jeepsters should go for between $500-$700 to an Al-Toy collector.

  3. frankthecrank58

    i have a couple of jeep tonka toys and it looks like they have the same wheels as the jeepster in the bottom pic. wonder if i can get 3 large for them

  4. Colin

    If we see the prices on Tonka Jeeps go up after this, you might be able to get more than a C note for them! HAHA!! This particular Jeepster ad says the tires say Al-Toy 600-16, but the only original tire is the spare. The other wheels and tires are Tonka. These Jeepsters are very rare,and command a decent price if they are in good condition, which these two are not. A few years ago, Glenn(Glennstin) and I got together at his place and put our Al-Toy Jeepsters together for the largest Mini-Jeepster meet ever done! He has more of them than anyone I am aware of, plus his collection of other Al-Toy Jeep products is quite large. Like he says, he has been collecting them for 35 years. I am a relative new comer, about 10 years, and I consider Glenn to be the Guru of Al-Toys. My Al-Toy Jeepster is in very good condition and I didn’t pay anywhere near what either of these two sellers are asking. I will admit to having paid slightly more than what a full size 1949 Willys 2WD station wagon sold for new for an “in the original box” dated 12-48 for an unplayed with Al-Toy Jeep station wagon that is in perfect condition. Glenn and I both conferred on this toy and felt the asking price was reasonable for what is probably the only Al-Toy 1949 Willys Station Wagon still in its original box and virtually untouched for 60 years.

  5. Steve E.

    Colin, I would love to see photos of the Al-Toy Jeepster meet. Maybe Dave could post them. I’m fascinated to see toys made of post-war Willys and what parents might have bought for their children. Since I was born a decade later, I didn’t get to see the toys of that period. I grew up in the Tonka era of the ’60’s, so these earlier toys draw my curiosity.

    **Steve E.**

  6. Colin


    I have sent Dave a handful of Al-Toy Jeep meet photos that we took at Glenn’s in 2006. If he has room to display them over a period of a few days, that will be great.

  7. mmdeilers Post author

    I’ll be happy to make a big post out of them. Send me what you have and I’ll put it together.

    I just re-read the post. I guess I was tired when I wrote that one. It’s fixed now.

    – Dave

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