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Year? CJ-5 Barryville, NY **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $800.

The seller lists this as a M-38A1, but it looks like a CJ-5 to me.  Given the bumper, I wonder if this wasn’t a service station jeep at some point.  Here’s another example of the same bumper.

“i got a 1950 something willys jeep runs drives no brakes thats why every corner has a dent in it lol needs gas tank running it out of a gallon can now has plow frame im trying to get a plow for it if i find one it goes with it will need a tune up and exhaust work great little plow truck the motor is a Fhead 3 speed trans it is what it is so if your looking for a cheap plow jeep thanks for looking.”


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