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Steve’s Ceramic Wagon Model

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Yesterday Steve shared a photo of this ceramic wagon model of his ’57 Sedan Delivery Wagon that he created when he was 18.  It is 12″ in length.

He wrote, “I made the wagon the first year at Jr. College.   There was a ’57 Chevy I though was pretty cool made in a previous class.  So, I did a “self portrait”, sort of…..    My Willys Wagon was my “wheels” until I got a real job, as opposed to summer jobs.   The engine when bad, so I parked it and bought my first FC-170 in ’82.  I drove that through my University days.  Everyone called it the “garbage truck”.   I was in the sailing club and very few had a vehicle that could tow the boats on weekend saildays.  So, the garbage truck was one of the tow vehicles on the weekends, and on the two campouts each year.  I’m sure everyone has fond memories of that ugly thing.

Now the ’57 wagon has it’s first paint job, and waiting to be assembled.  The body is on the frame, but it not bolted down yet.  The engine and transmission will be next….some day.  I have too many projects in line at the moment.”


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