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Roof Palomino “mini jeep” Lawn Mower White Plains, NY on eBay

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Ethan is selling this rare lawn mower.

“Rare ROOF Palomino “mini Jeep” Lawnmower. Good overall condition and very original. Serial #1505 as per tag on hood. These were built from approx 1969 to the early 70’s and were very expensive in their day, hence not too many were sold and not too many left.

This one has been in barn storage for the past 10+ years. It was parked due to no spark; the coil is suspected too be bad, but I haven’t tested it yet. It ran and drove fine before that and was great for putting around the property and moving stuff (beer, parts, people and tools) around the property. It is 40 years old, so despite its good preserved shape, it will need a good service before getting it going.

-Original Kohler k482 motor, seats (with cushioning springs), air cleaner, rims, grille, tailgate, etc, etc..
-Very little rust ( just a little on the outside edges where the floor meets the body in the footwells),
-All mechanical pieces are intact. Rear tires are pretty dry rotted, but I have a nice set of 2 used tires that match the front that come with it. There is some kind of small patch on the right rear corner. Front bumper has had a small hitch added. Motor has good compression and oil pressure; turns right over.
-This originally had a 60″ belt driven mower deck. This one has been stripped of its PTO, engagement and lift levers, as well as the mower deck and its attachment points. NO MOWER OR PARTS for the mower. I have read that the Roof 60 mowers used many of the same parts, but can not confirm that.
– It will need a complete service before being taken out to have fun with! Should be easy to get going again!”

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13 Comments on “Roof Palomino “mini jeep” Lawn Mower White Plains, NY on eBay

  1. Bob

    Roberto, that’s my dream too…I’d love to have one with the mower under it. I’d ditch my Cub Cadet for that!

  2. Anthony


    I am trying to find a contact for the owner/seller of this Roof Palomino, as I can not contact him on eBay for some reason.

    Can someone please help me?


  3. scott marchlewski

    have one in better shape going for sale this weekend at the jeep festival in butler pa

  4. mmdeilers Post author

    Will that be shown at the festival grounds or at the butler fair grounds? I saw a sign at the fair grounds that indicated a parts show of some kind there.


    Hi All

    May I ask a huge favour from you chaps out there in the US. If this is at the event Dave mentions above is there any chance someone could get some good pics of the steering set up and drive train set up to the drive wheels on this little machine?

    I am building a similar vehicle and some below the skin details would help me decide which is best.

    I am in South Africa, just a little to far for a week end drive. I will provide an email when required.

    Marc (Flyingfish)

  6. mmdeilers Post author


    If I see it, I’ll take some pics. I’ll email you other pics that I have of this one, too.

    – Dave

  7. Dennis Rutherford

    Im interested in purchasing a Roof Palomino mower, average condition prefer running but with good transmission, thanks Dennis

  8. mmdeilers Post author

    Hi Dennis,

    I have encountered very few of these for sale. However, I did locate one that was on eBay in May. It has been modified a bit, but is the nicest one I’ve seen. The bidding reached $6100, but it did not sell. I would suggest emailing the seller via the eBay ad to see if he still has it and wants to sell it. click on the link below

    And then click on the ‘Ask seller a question’ link

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