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Highways Across the Horizon by Dorothy Rogers

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Highways Across the Horizon was written by Dorothy Rogers, who previous wrote Jeopardy in the Jeep.  I received a copy of it in the mail last week.  I knew the book was about traveling through Asia, but there were two things I didn’t know.  The first think I learned was that she and her travel partner Louise, traveled all the way around the world, starting and ending in New York.  The second surprise was their vehicle of choice:  a FC-170 with a camper.   Craig confirmed today that Dorothy and Louise piloted only the third known FC to make it around the world.  I can’t wait to read about their adventure.

Here are FC related pics:


2 Comments on “Highways Across the Horizon by Dorothy Rogers

  1. Craig B.

    It’s real hard to imagine in these days people 50 years ago saying, “Let’s pack up the Jeep and head around the world!” Real legends indeed! Most can’t even handle a stray pothole on our superhighways of today much less thousands of miles of unmaintained paths it took them to make their journey. What’s the old saying? “Willys, they get through when others fail!”

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