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Texaco Gasoline Toy Fire Jeep Dalmation Sign on eBay

I just won the auction on this sign for $4.95 + shipping.  There were no other bidders.  There was no information on the size of it, but I estimate it is around the size of a sheet of paper .

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8 Comments on “Texaco Gasoline Toy Fire Jeep Dalmation Sign on eBay

  1. mmdeilers Post author

    I must be blind. I just looked at the ad again and didn’t see the fine print. Even worse, I now have new reading glasses!! But, I’m pleased by the size. Thanks guys!

  2. Dj Bill

    It is a modern piece using the artwork from an older magazine ad. I’ve seen versions in many antique shop booths that have the tin signs. Usually sell for $19.95 to $39.00 depending on how pricey the shop is. You got it for a great price.

  3. matt

    Hey i have. A tin sign just like that one howdoi tell the real one.from r eproduction i got it from an old man who had a lot of other old oil and gas signs and oil cans will someone help me out

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