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My ‘New’ FC-150s

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I have been meaning to get a couple FC toys so that the next time I show up at a FC event I can be an official FC owner, even if they are FC-minis.  A couple weeks ago I finished up eWillys early, so I trolled through a variety of FC toys on eBay.  I came across two low priced, imperfect Corgie FC-150s out of the UK that would fit my minimal budget. I figured if I bid on a couple of them I’d walk away with at least one of them.  Instead, I guess no one else wanted them.  Thus, I ended up with two FCs.

These toys are a nice heavy weight metal, much heavier than I thought they would be. In fact, they feel heavier than some of the plastic Tonka toys I’ve seen.  Both toys could use some TLC, but I think I’ll keep them just the way they are.

Here’s an example of how the FC w/ the conveyer belt ought to look like.  Mine works, but the conveyer belt is missing.

Here are some more Corgi Jeep Toys on Flickr, too.  Apparently, Corgi made all kinds of vehicles.  A wide variety of Corgi vehicles have been photographed and placed on Flickr.


3 Comments on “My ‘New’ FC-150s

  1. Ed Lee

    Very nice find. For the conveyer belt you could use the tracks off of a Matchbox Bulldozer. Similiar design and might not take too much time to install. Corgi makes some real nice and detailed toys.

  2. Dennis

    You’ve started down a slippery slope now. It won’t be long until you have an FC in the driveway keeping Biscuit company.

  3. Steve E.

    Does this make us the first to admire the patina on toy trucks. (lol)
    (BTW, I can’t stand that word “patina”, I hear it way to much from my friends with other makes.)

    Dennis, you’re right, Dave has broken the ice into FC ownership. And he is very welcome to this corner of the asylum.

    However, Dave, you already know that you only have to be interested in FC’s to attend a gathering. Your support and attendance has been always been a treat to everyone. Looking forward to see you and all the others at the Southwest Roundup on March 22-24, 2013. (Yes, everyone mark your calendars; the date was just set.)

    To all others, the FC Roundups are not snobby events. They are limited to only FC trucks because they’re held at small, private locations with limited space so FC owners can network for parts and tips to improve their trucks. Not much room available for the more common Willys vehicles.

    Looking forward to seeing these toy trucks up close in March,
    **Steve E.**

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