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Connie and Kids in Australia by Constance Helmericks

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Published in 1971, this is supposed to involve a jeep.  I will purchase and let you know.

“This is one of the last books in a series that started with “Connie and Bud” discovering Alaska in the late 40’s. True pioneers and adventurous in nature, after years of Artic living they both went their separate ways. Bud deciding on becoming a Bush Pilot, hunting guide, explorer, and expert on the Alaska outback. Connie, with her two teenage daughters, continued on in life’s many adventures by heading to Australia for an extended “walk about.

With her usual in depth observations about life, she visits all that Australia has to offer. From the small outback villages to the “Big” cities. Her observations on the aborigines has proven, by history, to be quite concise and accurate. Her observations on the lifestyles of the Aussies is most interesting when compared with observations of todays visitor.

A book worth reading more so if one is contemplating a visit or has been on one and wishes to compare.
Mrs. Helmericks has lived a lifetime in adventure. Anyone reading this book will find the earlier ones most interesting and will simply wonder: “How did they do that?””

Another review from Kirkus Reviews.

View more information from eBay.  This book ships from Australia.




One comment on “Connie and Kids in Australia by Constance Helmericks

  1. Paul

    I have a few of the Helmericks Alaskan books which feature Bud as a “famous” bush pilot. The books are fun to read mainly because of the many errors and wildly stretched facts concerning aviation in Alaska which make them almost a comedy. If anyone reads the earlier books looking for true Alaskan aviation stories the reader will be disappointed.

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