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1944 DUKW Centerville, UT eBay

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“1944 GMC DUKW WWII Amphibian – Original Paint

Serial Number: 353-13995
Hood/USA Number: 7028286

The Good:
Complete, original, and unaltered… just as it was sold surplus 40 years ago.
Mechanically solid… Runs great, drives in 4×4 and 6×6, high and low range.
Shifts easily through all gears.
Propeller and bilge pumps rotate freely by hand and under power.
Winch works fine, forward and reverse.
Steering and rudder turn easily (or easily enough for a 14K lb vehicle without power steering).
Air compressor, holding tank, and TIS hubs are complete and in place. Compressor drive shaft is not hooked up so it is untested.
Dataplates are complete and original.
Complete set of wheel skirt panels
Complete top bow set
Complete anchor assembly
Has A-Frame poles, the original stay cables and the difficult to find stay rod.
Includes the original radiator, radiator shroud, overflow tank, hard lines and drive shaft for compressor.
Paint and markings are original.
I believe the tires are even original, although very much showing their age.
Includes Dukw WWII Tech manuals TM 9-802 and TM 9-1802C.
Clear Utah title.

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It was sold surplus in CA in the early 70s. The buyer brought it to Utah (actually drove it… pre-energy crisis). He kept it at home for a few months… changed out the radiator (requiring the removal of the drive shaft to the air compressor since the replacement truck radiator didn’t have the pass through hole) but lacked the space to keep it in town. He moved it to acreage he owned and left it there semi covered (tarps and plywood). He later moved out of state but kept the property and the Dukw. 40 years later he finally sold the property… and the Dukw. I bought it from him earlier this year.

The Not-So-Good:
The bottom of the hull has numerous rust through spots. The tarps and plywood degraded over the years and water got in and sat. That said, Utah is the second driest state in the nation and you are looking at a patch, not re-skin job. Overall the sides of the hull are very solid and would require very little repair. The top of the wheel wells are rusted, although these spots don’t go through to the interior, just the top of the skirt area.

The parking brake works well, but the hydraulic brake system will have to be gone through. The system is complete, but lines will have to be replaced and master/booster/wheel cylinders rebuilt.

The forward bilge pump knocks when operating. I haven’t trouble shot it, but the new owner should plan on pulling it out and going through it.

The instruments where all broken by vandals at some point over the years. I do have a NOS tire pressure gauge for it, the rest of the gauges are the same as the common GMC WWII 6×6 truck.

The 6 volt electrical system is all original too. I’ll include a set of head light seal beams, but I would recommend redoing the wiring harness… 68 year old cloth insulated wiring is a fire waiting to happen.

Misc. Information:
I have a line on tires for it. They are 11.00 x 18 Gama Goat tires. Set of six, 80% tread. The seller is asking $500 for the set. I’m willing to help the buyer with this transaction and load them into the back of the duck for transport.

I’m selling because I lost my inside storage for it and am unwilling to let it sit out for another winter. This is a really rare find and should be restored.

Willing to ship overseas, but the buyer will have to make the arrangements. Allison Shipping handles oversized cargo. The duck is too wide for a standard shipping container.

Video Links and more photos:

Video of engine running (cold start):

Video of Propeller turning:

Video of winch pulling my jeep:

Many (118) more photos:

Please feel free to eBay msg or email me with any questions.


Chris Davis”


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