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1950 CJ-3A Deadwood, SD ** Status Unknown**


UPDATE:  Was on eBay. Status Unknown.

(09/29/2012) This solid looking CJ-3A looks like all it needs is a paint job to be a good looking jeep.  The nicely made half top out of boat material is very interesting too.  Whoever made those could probably sell a few — it is hard to find bikini tops for the early CJ’s, especially ones that fit so nicely.

“I bought this Willys from my uncle about 5 years ago. He used it in an apple orchard for many years to pull apple wagons so it went with out license tags for MANY years. It was only driven during apple harvest season so it got few miles usage each year. He and I both always stored it in the garage and never drove it in the winter. He had the engine overhauled about 9 years ago when he forgot to put oil in it during an oil change. When I got it the tranny and transfer case growled terrible do to many years with bad boots on the shift levers letting in water and dirt. I installed rebuilts about 5 yrs ago and it now runs very quietly. It is used as a summer putt around vehicle here in Deadwood SD so has been seen by MANY in this area. It purrs around nicely at speeds up to 50 mi/hr with out the typical WILLY WOBBLE. Driven mostly around mountainous terrain with out heat problems. (I had the radiator boiled out before I put it on the road 5 yrs ago). Lights and brakes work good. New windshield and windshield hinge gasket  2 yrs ago. New plastic under seat gas tank (same design as original). New gas sending unit which does not register correctly–I think it might be for a 12 volt. Other gages work fine. New speedo cable but speedo JUMPS when connected (Maybe the wrong drive gear was put in during rebuild). Emergency cable is missing but other parts including handle are included. Has warn lock outs in the front diff. It shows very little rust. The frame and floor are in good condition. The SURRY top(2 yrs old-made of boat cloth) and frame comes off very easily so windshield can be folded down.  This is a very nice little Willys which I am selling only because have another.”



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