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Wagon Postcard on eBay

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Here’s a neat old postcard.

“Vintage Postcard showing Jeep 4-wheel drive utility wagon.

Date of postcard unknown, although the New York address is prior to the use of zip codes.

See pictures for details of condition.
If you have a question, please ask before bidding.

Shipping costs:  $2.00 within the US / $4.00 International.
These shipping costs will apply for up to 10 postcards if you wait on a combined invoice before paying.
Email me for other shipping questions.”

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3 Comments on “Wagon Postcard on eBay

  1. Thomas Martin

    You bet. The giveaway is the middle horizontal bar on the grille that in the pictured wagon is midway between the typical centered position and the upper bar. Unique to the 1956-model only (I’m almost positive), though many ’56 *pickups* also had grilles in the centered position (see for instance the April ’56 issue of Willys News you’ve posted), which was more typical after 1953. And some of the wagons in that year may have as well. I’m still figuring some of it out… So if anyone knows better, I’m all eyes and ears..

    Other than the grille, I don’t see anything pictured that differentiates the wagon from 1954 through early 1960 when they went to a 1-piece windshield for all 4-wheel drive trucks and wagons.

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