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Photo of Slat Grilles in an Army Convoy on a Snow Lined Road on eBay

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This is a neat old photograph. The first two vehicles are slat grille MBs.

“This is a gloss finish 8″ x 10″ black and white photograph of a WWII Era military convoy traveling on a cleared road between majestic snow covered fir trees. It would be nice to know their destination. Does it look cold! There are no markings on the back of this picture, but it is pristine and very professional. I am selling numerous pictures taken during the WWII era which are of great historical interest and need to be preserved. Many are from Kashmir and other places in the Far East where the previous owner was stationed. The owner was a photographer for the military.”

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6 Comments on “Photo of Slat Grilles in an Army Convoy on a Snow Lined Road on eBay

  1. Paul

    When first built the Alcan highway wasn’t paved, wasn’t that straight and wasn’t that flat. Winter temperatures thru Canada would be brutal on anyone in an open vehicle and conditions were so rough I doubt the car (behind the three Jeeps) would have made it very far. It was common for heavy equipment to get stuck in the mud, snow and permafrost during road construction.

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