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The Adventures of Tin Tin: Destination Moon

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Belgian writer George Remi wrote and illustrated the Adventures of Tin Tin, a series of comic strips and books, which have been adapted for radio, television, theatre and movies. The sixteenth series of comic strips is called Destination Moon, which features a great illustration of our heroes in a jeep racing for a rocket. If you do a search for “tin tin” and “jeep” on eBay you’ll run into a variety of toy jeeps for sale. I’ve never read the comic series, so I really know very little about how much the jeep is involved in the series.


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  1. Roberto Flores

    Hergé, the working alias of George Remi, was called the father of a genre of comic itself, the “clair line”, because the meticulosity on his work. He started at a far right magazine, very much involved with the Catholic boy-scout movement at Belgium, and also, their relationships with collaborators during the Nazi occupation contibuted to be accused after the Liberation as so, a collaborator. But a few days after, he was totally exonerated of any accusation. In fact, his own brother was an officer on the Free Belgian Army! And really, Hergé detested any kind of racism! This left him to his real preocupation: the comic and the art. After WW2, his work and contribution to the Belgian and French too, world of comic or “bandé dessinée” was incredible, and today is consider yet as a Master for many of us who love the comic world.

    Unfortunately, he didn´t draw so many Willys jeeps but as he was a passionated for mechanical artifacts and documentation, you can fin at least 2. One of this album, called “Destination Moon” and other at “Land of Black Gold”. And also, you could easily find a lot of goodies with Willys jeeps toys, as that red Willys CJ2A driven by twin policemen Thomson and Thompson, i.e.

    Also, at many expositions who have been held at Europe regarding his work, you could fin a brilliant and quite well restored…red Willys jeep!!! OK, it´s a CJ3A not a CJ2A but this detail isn´t quite important, is it?

    I totally recomend to any of you with kids at home or at least, to anybody who stills love to dream about classic adventures, loyalty, friendship, love to the life, respect to human beens, etc. to get the whole collection! Because as you could remember from another great classic, this will be the start of a great friendship! Get them and enjoy them!

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