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Zamboni: The Coolest Machine on the Ice Book

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UPDATE: This is back on eBay.  Initial bid is $6.99.

I purchased a copy of this book. There are some good pictures and stories of the jeeps used to make the first few Zamboni Ice Resurfacers.  If you haven’t seen it, here’s my post about the Zamboni Ice Resurfacer.


3 Comments on “Zamboni: The Coolest Machine on the Ice Book

  1. Steve E.

    I almost bought a Zamboni just like this one on a Willys CJ chassis in about 1987. I didn’t have a place to keep it at the time. I wonder where it went??? I had never seen one before or since. It would have been a great museum piece.
    **Steve E.**

  2. Brian

    My high school friend worked at a private indoor rink in the Detroit suburbs where we grew up and drove one of these in the mid ’70s every day. We would all meet there since the place was open nearly all night with hockey practice rentals and we’d watch him go round and round thinking he had the easiest job in the county since he only worked 10 minutes out of every hour running it. It was a great place to meet since you could come from work, use the locker room to get cleaned up from your summer job and head out with your buddies. We used to joke that it was our poor man’s country club and we all kept lockers there.

    The machine was already old and tired by then but the arena owner was as cheap as they come and would work on the thing constanly. I can still see him working on it, having to put a chain block and tackle on the main box and lift it up at the front end to get to the engine. The garage area was black with years of grease and oil, always wet with melting Zamboni snow, slick as could be floor and the rink compressors were right next to you screaming away with 440V juice. What a dump. I always thought that someday he’d get chopped in two if that thing ever fell with him leaning over the engine. It ran on propane but smoked like a beast.

    All I know is that it had the flat head engine but my buddies would always kid me that the owner liked me only because he wanted to strip parts from my 1956 CJ5 in the parking lot. Ah, to be 17 again.

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